Broken AC? We've Got Your Back.

Broken AC? We've Got Your Back.

Rely on us for residential AC repair service in Shreveport, LA

Few things are as frustrating as arriving home to find your air conditioner is broken. You open the door and felt a wall of heat push you backwards. What now? If you live in the Shreveport, LA area, call the residential AC repair pros at J. Kellogg & Sons. You can count on our refrigeration repair team to arrive as quickly as possible.

Don't sit and stew in the summer heat. Dial 318-621-9208 now to schedule a residential AC repair appointment.

How air conditioning prevents illness

Living without AC isn't just unpleasant-it can also be dangerous for certain members of your family. Those most susceptible to the heat and humidity include...

  • Senior citizens: Elderly people are at a much greater risk for heat stroke and dehydration.
  • Pregnant women: Overheating during pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects, according to the Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami.
  • Asthmatic people: Higher humidity levels encourage mold growth, which is a common asthma trigger.

Keep your home safe for everyone by repairing your broken AC unit right away.

J. Kellogg & Sons offers residential refrigeration repair work throughout the Shreveport, LA area. Call immediately to make an appointment.