Breathe In Fresh Air at Home

Breathe In Fresh Air at Home

Air duct cleaning service in Shreveport, LA

Improve your indoor air quality without lifting a finger. The talented air conditioning contractors offer duct cleaning services in Shreveport, Louisiana. When your air quality has started to suffer, trust J. Kellogg & Sons to make your home fresh and clean again.

3 signs you need to clean your air ducts

It can be difficult to know if your air ducts need to be cleaned, or if there’s something else wrong with your HVAC system. Check out your ducts for one of these three common issues before you call in the pros at J. Kellogg & Sons:

  1. Mold growing in your ducts. This can cause serious damage to your indoor air quality and will need to be cleaned out right away.
  2. Pest damage in your ducts. Rodents will leave toxic droppings and chew through your ducts if they are not removed.
  3. Excessive dirt, dust and pet hair in your ducts. Blockages like these will affect your air quality.

Does any of the above sound familiar? Call 318-621-9208 to send a J. Kellogg & Sons HVAC contractor in to clean out your air ducts.