Get Comfortable in Your Shreveport, LA Home

Get Comfortable in Your Shreveport, LA Home

Hire an air conditioning contractor

Nothing ruins a nice summer in Shreveport, Louisiana faster than a broken or faulty air conditioner. The HVAC contractors at J. Kellogg & Sons will fix yours up as soon as it breaks or install a brand-new one. We work with central air conditioning systems and window units for all types of Shreveport, LA homes. Call 318-621-9208 to speak with a talented contractor about your air conditioning problems.

Compare and contrast central air and window units

Are you on the fence about which type of air conditioning system is best for your home? Here are a few pros and cons of window units and central air systems:

  • Window units are generally less expensive than central air systems, especially for smaller homes.
  • Central air systems cool a large home much more efficiently than multiple window units can.
  • Window units can be difficult to seal, so they may not be ideal in humid areas.

Whichever type of air conditioning system you choose, trust J. Kellogg & Sons to install it perfectly.