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Life's too short to live in discomfort. If you live in Louisiana, you know what it's like to feel sweet relief upon entering an air conditioned building. You don't have to visit the supermarket to experience that comfort! If your HVAC system is on the fritz, play it cool with J. Kellogg & Sons Inc. Beat the sweltering heat with central heating and air installation and service. Call us for a free estimate on HVAC services.

May this winter be a short (and warm) one

Just because Louisiana isn't notorious for bitter cold doesn't mean you should endure the chill this winter. When January rolls around, you'll need more than just a few blankets. Call J. Kellogg & Sons before the cold weather kicks in and we'll inspect your heating system.

Don't be too hot or too cold. If you need central heating and air system services, J. Kellogg & Sons will work on the job from start to finish. You can rely on us for:
• Sales
• Installation
• Repairs
• Maintenance

Call us today for a free estimate. And don't forget to ask about our 10% senior discount.

Have previous HVAC companies left you out in the cold?

We won't give you the cold shoulder. The friendly folks at J. Kellogg & Sons take pride in our work and exceptional customer service. The Shreveport area has trusted us for HVAC services since we opened up shop in the '70s.

If you need an air conditioning contractor, call J. Kellogg & Sons today!